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The Airscreen
The AirScreen is at the heart of many of Paramount waste extraction systems. The patented design separates the airflow from the conveyed waste which then drops into a waste compactor or baler.

Paramount waste extraction AirScreens are extremely compact devices. A range of units is available to suit a variety of applications, either as part of a process plant or as an independent system.

All Paramount waste extraction AirScreens are fully welded steel constructions and pressure tested during their manufacture. They have no moving parts in operation and are fitted with heavy duty separation screens. They can separate up to 20 tonnes of waste an hour from a unit only 800 millimetres wide.

Paramount waste extraction AirScreens replace much bulkier cyclone or "drop out box" separators. Typically a 15 metre high cyclone can be substituted with an AirScreen just 1.5 metres high.

Processing high volumes of material in such compact units means the entire installation can be sited within plant rooms and basements where low head room constraints make conventional Equipment impossible to fit.

Materials successfully handled include paper, tissue, corrugated board, sticky-backed labels, aluminium foil, plastic, can scrap and flock.
  • No leakage of air to the compactor or baler drop chutes
  • Range of units available to suit a variety of applications
  • Replace much bulkier cyclone or "drop out box" separators
  • High volume of waste processed in compact units
  • Can handle paper, tissue, corrugated board, aluminium foil, plastic, scrap can and flock