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Service & Spares
Rotor Manufacture
Paramount Waste Extraction Limited can offer a full range of spare parts and service options to suit your particular needs.We can ship any item overnight straight from our comprehensive stores to your factory, with the complete confidence that the component will fit like a glove. Please contact the above address/telephone for more details, or alternatively email

Paramount Waste Extraction Limited is also pleased to announce that it has bought the Intellectual property of Airmat Systems Limited and is in a position to offer genuine spare parts, service and product support to existing Airmat users.

We also have complete records for all installed Airmat Systems, if you have one of these systems and are in doubt as to which components you need to order, please contact us and we will be able to tell you.

A Paramount system is inherently rugged and reliable, but like all machines, it must be regularly maintained, and even if you have a maintenance department, it is invariably too overloaded to keep an eye on the waste system. Why not consider passing the responsibility to us? At present, many big and small companies use our service. Let us eliminate the emergency call, plan the maintenance, and prevent the expensive breakdown. Even if you have a system installed by another company, we are happy to give you a competitive quotation to service your plant on a 'one off' basis, or as part of a Paramount Maintenance Contract. We don't subcontract any maintenance work. All servicing is carried out by technicians experienced in pneumatic conveying. Email our Service Manager or call the telephone number above now for more information.