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Converting of corrugated or carton board goes hand in hand with the creation of masses of waste off-cuts. Clean, efficient and reliable automatic handling of converting waste is critical to packaging manufacturers and a Paramount waste handling air system is exactly the solution that fits the need.

Paramount solutions will typically involve the use of low-profile AirDecks or in-trench Airveyors, thus negating the need for waste conveyor belts with their inherent problems of jamming and slipping. Airveyors and AirDecks also have no moving parts in contact with the waste and no hidden areas where waste can accumulate. This removes the need for constant cleaning to minimise fire hazards.

We also utilise rotofeeders, both in handstrip and machine fed configurations. Both solutions can easliy change direction on route to the conveying fan, which means that the client can be more flexible in the positioning of production machinery and maximise the use of their floor area

Our unique range of shredders ensures we have one suitable for any application.