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The Rotary Separator

The latest Paramount Rotary Separator is a compact fusion of the traditional Airscreen and Rotary Valve.

High performance rubber seals at the tips of an internal paddle assembly constantly scour a cylindrical heavy duty perforated screen, cleaning it of waste and allowing the conveying air to pass through with minimal pressure drop. The wear resistant rubber strips then form an airtight seal with the lower section of the separator and the rotor conveys waste product to the discharge of the unit without releasing any air pressure into the baler or compactor below.

3mm thick steel construction ensures the unit is strong enough to handle the toughest loads. A high performance British manufactured motorised gearbox drives the unit and ensures trouble free operation, long life and the ability to cope with heavy loads. To further increase the reliability of the unit, the gearbox is mounted via shock absorbing rubber bobbins and is fitted with an integral motor cut-out.

The design of the unit means that it has many advantages over the traditional Separator and Rotary Valve or Balance Fan:

  • The small size of the unit enables it to be used in many applications where height is an issue.
  • A wide variety of difficult wastes can be handled. Light wastes such as tissue and waste charged with static are no longer a problem.
  • Multiple feeds lines are handled easily without the system going out of balance.
  • Low power consumption from the efficient Helical Wormgear drive unit.
  • Very low noise breakout.