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The Reverse Jet Filter
Paramount Filter
Paramount Waste Extraction CA Reverse Jet Filters have been developed specifically to provide high quality air cleaning in true non-stop operations. Handling large volumes of air contaminated with fibrous and fine dusts, these units can be used for a wide variety of applications where efficient, reliable cleaning is essential.

Many materials can generate a static electrical charge and this can be transferred to the dust. Static causes the dust to adhere to the filter media, causing premature blinding and reducing the dust release efficiency. It is for this reason we fit epitropic anti-static media as standard. A range of filter media are available to suit many different particulates including Oil coated dusts, Plastics and Minerals.

If you have any worries about the type of material to be handled, simply supply us with a sample of your dust and we will find a media to suit. Solid State control ensures filter bags are cleaned only when needed, rather than on a time cycle, thereby saving expensive compressed air.

It is important to note that dust removal can be carried out while the plant is operating, thus making the whole installation capable of non-stop operation, 24 hours per day.The dust is collected in a heavy duty plastic sack or steel bin for easy disposal.
Paper and boad produce a Class A explosive dust (HM Factory Inspectorate Classification) and is known to have caused industrial explosions. Although an unlikely possibility, when handling potentially explosive dusts, the filter unit is equipped with explosion relief panels to safely vent any explosion to atmosphere and is designed and manufactred in accordance with the latest ATEX and CE directives.

As with all Paramount Equipment, paint colour can be specified at the time of ordering to suit the aesthetics of the area adjacent to the filter