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The AirShredder
The AirShredder is fed by a dump-gate between the folder and stacker. It automatically receives reject copy and shreds it, delivering it to a pneumatic conveying system feeding a remotely sited baler or compactor.

Since the system is totally automatic it frees up operator time at the most crucial stage of the production process - during the critical register and colour matching process at start-ups and re-starts.

Once good copy is being produced, the dump gate rises to feed the stacker, leaving the Airshredder to deal with splice and blanket wash waste automatically as it occurs.

All Airshredders come complete with acoustically lagged enclosure and in-feed tunnel, waste system vacuum sensor, carbide tipped cutting blades and 7.5kw brake motor interlocked with magnetic safety switches.
  • Automatically disposes of copy waste.
  • Releases manpower at critical times.
  • Increased security - no "returns" coming back.
  • Improves safety and creates a clean environment.
  • Frees up valuable floor space - no bins