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The huge investment of a corrugated board line demands that it operates at full efficiency and can run at full speed. It is therefore crucial that the seemingly simple job of trim extraction does not compromise production. Using a combination of skilful engineering and precision Equipment, Paramount has many proven systems operating 24 hrs a day in the largest UK plants.

Our board systems typically incorporate ball jointed super smooth ducting ensuring the corrugator can still handle varying board widths, and - if necessary - heavy duty in-duct trim cutter units. Each trim cutter can be mounted on a frame, matching the inlet duct angle, ensuring short bend-free duct routes into the cutters. From here the short trim pieces can be easily and reliably conveyed to the fan via heavy duty ducting.

Many customers request fast track installations. Paramount prides itself in having the flexibility to meet fast lead times and install systems quickly during unsociable times to minimise down-time.