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Paramount waste systems can collect production waste from almost any source, whether it is from a Binder, 3-Knife Trimmer, Printing Press or simply swept waste from the floor. Once collected, the waste is conveyed via heavy duty ducting to high-level, and may join together or run independently to a separation plant located elsewhere in the building - typically over a baler or compactor.
There are a variety of methods used to pick up the waste. These may range from a simple Spigot connection on a Binder to a centralised fume extraction system serving printing presses. We can also supply our own range of tried and tested high speed copy shredders, and Mini Systems, unique within the industry.

Dust in and around printing presses can be removed too, and our understanding of this problem means that you will get a system that actually works.

Solutions can be tailored to suit your needs and priorities, whether it is cost or performance, we are sure we have a solution for you.