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The Cutter/Conveyor Fan
Paramount Cutter\Conveyor fans are heavy duty units which should not be confused with fans from other manufacturers.

Specifically designed to cut and convey a variety of materials, they have been developed over the last 15 years to provide the end user with an efficient and long-lasting solution. At the core of every Paramount fan is the paddle-blade impeller. Whereas other manufacturers might use mild steel for this component, Paramount has chosen NaxtraM70. This is a wear-resistant speciality steel similar to that used in earth-mover buckets, which has been chosen for its abrasion resistant qualities and thus long life. The impeller is mounted on a large diameter shaft, specifically designed to handle the harsh environment that the impeller will encounter. This in turn sits in heavy duty "sealed for life" bearings, minimising maintenance time.

Along the edge of each paddle is a case-hardened steel knife. These are heat treated to combine toughness and hardness and can be easily maintained. In the unlikely event that a knife should need replacing, a full range of fan spares can be provided from stock. Waste enters the fan via an adjustable inlet. By varying the gap between the inlet and the impeller, the fans cutting characteristics can be modified and the performance of the entire conveying system maximised. The inlet cone can be fitted with anti-roping knifes for continuous trim applications or be case hardened for use in abrasive situations.
  • Impact resistant Impeller
  • Range of units available to suit a variety of applications
  • Replaceable Cutting Knifes
  • Adjustable Inlet for fine-tuning
  • Can handle paper, tissue, corrugated board, aluminium foil, plastic, scrap can and flock.