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The recycling of dry materials other than paper based products increases all of the time, and plastic waste recycling using air handling systems is proving to be a very efficient method. Contamination of plastic waste can very often be detrimental to the recycling process, and the airtight environment of an air driven waste system suits this pre-requisite admirably.

Paramount has installed a number of plastic waste extraction systems in both the UK and abroad

Paramount air systems are ideally suited to high speed edge and intermediate trim waste in continuous form from "blown film" production lines conveying directly into reprocessing machines. The reclaimed granulated material can then be extruded for re-use on the 'blown film' lines. The critical elements to deal with are ensuring that sufficient air suction and velocity is achieved at the trim collection inlet to maintain unity with the trim speed of over 200 metres per minute from the web. Obviously conventional waste conveying fans are very unsuitable for this operation, so we use a system incorporating custom designed Venturi units powered by high powered centrifugal fans, providing the very high velocity and suction required to achieve the reliable performance at the inlet point.

Anti-static solutions can be installed in any part of the system.